Introducing Scuttlebug XL

The Growable Scuttlebug for ages 2-4 years

Meet the Bugs!

The home of Scuttlebug, Scramblebug and Scootiebug

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Award winning Scuttlebug

Voted Best Ride on Toy 2018

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  • Scuttlebug XL

    Introducing Scuttlebug XL, The unique foot to floor ride-on that grows with your child. This three-wheeled trike is ideal for toddlers aged 2 years and over. Featuring three height adjustment modes that are easy to change. Scuttlebug XL comes equipped with XL wheels, perfect for off road adventures.


  • Scuttlebug - Beetle

    The Scuttle Bug is a revolutionary foot to floor ride on. The simple 3 step folding system allows the Scuttle Bug to be folded and unfolded in seconds. This popular red and black beetle Scuttle Bug is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be easily carried and stored when not in use.


  • Scramblebug - Bubblegum

    The Scramblebug is a unique foot-to-floor ride-on that moves in all directions as all four wheels have 360 degree movement. Backwards, forwards and sideways, children will love the Scramblebug's easy to use steering and manoeuvrability. Perfect from 10 months+


  • Scootiebug - Bumble

    Your little one will love zooming around and seeking out adventure with the Scootiebug, a unique ride-on with three wheels for added stability and is ideal for toddlers aged 2 years and over. With lean to steer technology, this child-friendly 3-wheel scooter comes complete with chunky non-scratch wheels ensuring that they won't leave a mark on any surface. When play time is over, the Scootiebug has a fold down handlebar for easy transport and storage.



Ride-ons with a smile...

Each bug comes in lots of different colours, each one with it's own character and personality!

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Meet the Bugs!

The folding Ride Ons with a big personality! Choose from the Original 3 wheeled Scuttlebug, the 4 wheeled Scramblebug, the 3 wheeled Scooter, Scootiebug!  and the NEW Scuttlebug XL The perfect first ride ons for your little ones, helping develop co-ordination, strength and balance. 

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All Bug Ride-ons are safe, reliable and durable, helping children develop balance and steering skills from an early age


Smart Bugs

The simple folding system allows our Bugs to be folded and unfolded in seconds. Designed to be as lightweight and compact to be easily carried and stored when not in use.


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